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Posted by Jennifer Popp on

Outdoor Gear For Pets

5 must-haves and tips for outdoor activities with your pet. These essentials save space and are easy to use. 

#1 Water  

traveling Water Bottle Dog BowlWater Bottle for Traveling DogsCollapsible Lightweight Dog Bowl

  • Collapsible or light plastic water bowl and water bottle for your dog is easy to carry around and use. Remember to bring an extra bottle for your furry friend.

#2 Food

 Collapsible Lightweight Dog Bowl


  • Collapsible food bowls make it convenient to carry and have food for your dog. Tip - put food in zip lock bag inside pouch while closed to keep it all together.?

#3 Storage

Adjustable Dog Backpack Harness with Water Bowl

  • Larger dogs can safely carry up to 25% of their body weight after they are full grown. Keep in mind the quality of the bag, you don’t want it to not fit your dog right and cause blisters or poorly made and breaks in the middle of an activity. 

#4 Lights

3 LED Headlight - 11000 Lumen Zoomable LED Flashlight6 LED Solar Rechargeable Lantern

  • Outside when it is dark and you want to know where your dog is a headlamp is great to have or a zoomable flashlight or for efficiency a solar panel flashlight that is also a lantern.

#5 Leash and Collar

Clip On LED Light For Dog Collar

  • Putting a LED light on your dogs collar and turning it on while outside at night can be a great way to know where your dog is. Or with the lead, you can tie it around a tree allowing your dog to walk around. We also have reflector leashes and collars to help keep you and your dog safe on late night walks. 

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