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Outdoor 5 Gal Camping Solar Shower Water Bag

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Doesn't a good shower after a full day of camping sound great?  Not necessarily into a cold shower though?  This Solar Heated Camp Shower Bag can heat water up to 120 degrees (Please use caution before using the shower).  It is compact and lightweight and easy to store.  Perfect for your next outing whether at the beach on the trail.

Color: army green on one side, the other side transparent
Type: Shower
Material: PVC material
Capacity: 5 gallon 
Package size: 11.81 * 5.91 * 0.39"
Item weight: about 11.94 oz 
Note: Please don't heat the water over 120 degrees, or it may shorten the service life of bag
The water in the bag is undrinkable.

Package includes:
1  Camp Shower Bag
1  Shower Pipe 
1  Tap
1  Hanging Nylon Cord with a Hook
1  Hard Plastic Tube


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